Who we are

We are a dedicated group of individuals who primarily work with leadership development and sales performance. We have over 20 years of experience in international corporations. We adapt our training to fit your needs.

What we do

We can help your organization unlock their potential and we can help your corporation improve the sales performance culture they have already established. We use current and up to date training courses and leadership evaluations.

What we want

We need you to believe in change. Without it - all the training in the world will never work. However if you buy into our program then we can help you move forward and move up in the sales chart or the organizational ladder.

Rovsing Consulting

Creating winners since 2002

Create possibilities

If you bring a dedicated approach we can help you grow - through proven concepts we help you realize your potential and help you clear a path through the hassle. You get more focus, increase your performance and through hard work - we can help you grow.

Coaching or consulting is only one stepping stone towards a new tomorrow, you bring the mindset and dedication we help you with the tools needed and together we visualize and create a new future for you and your organization.

Exciting workshops

We have years of experience in creating fun, interesting and valuable workshops or brainstorms - we believe that by setting a structure around the idea process, we provide a vehicle for something truly exciting.

We can provide workshops in english and danish - and we comfortable at all levels of your business from the board of directions to the amazing people on the ground floor - let us get started today.

Awesome results

We recommend follow ups - no workshops or training sessions can stand alone - training must be followed by clear goals and a continued attention from everyone involved.

Not sure what goals or KPI's to set? We can help you with that as well - we have tremendous experience in setting the goals that matter to you - rooted in the business with a clear focus towards the revenue stream or bottomline - we can participate in planning what goals and KPI's to set - so that everyone on the team knows them, lives by them and grows with them

Founder, CEO
Kim Rovsing founder and CEO started Rovsing Consulting in 2002. He has worked as a consultant for major international and…
The right person for the right job. From a broad network of consultants we have the advantage of choosing the…
The right person for the right job. From a broad network of consultants we have the advantage of choosing the…
Through the years we have travelled the world in order to work together with many clients. Below are a few of the highlights.

amongst the customers Kim have been working with during the last 12 month are...

All Finance Partner Tobacco Consultants Real estate Logistics Manufacture Assistance supplier Tele communication