Kim Rovsing

With 15 years of professional experience working as a business consultant, coach and trainer for international organisations, Kim’s primary focus has been on process optimization and developing managers and specialists – both at a personal and professional level.

He has helped organisations in several industries and cross culturally becoming self-sufficient by training their mentors and coaches to develop their employees and their customers. He works strategically on with competence development in international organizations.

He believes that by supporting international companies to improve their business through the development of strategic competences around customers and leadership the companies can achieve their goals. He has high experience in establishing of and running international business academies.

Managers as the Living Symbol
Working with and developing managers in classroom trainings and in-the-field together with their employees and customers (B2B and B2B2C) all over Europe has recently been the main focus as the close follow through on the impact from managers (moral authority/ change agents) is crucial ‘for change’.

Measurement & Management
Working with verifiably outcome i.e. improving customer satisfaction/ increasing customer share and corresponding activities that employees needs to execute in order to reach strategic goals has been mandatory.